Landing WFH job interviews, elevator pitches in an urban garden and making track OLYMPIC history.

How has your week been so far?

It’s August already, and a year that should be forgotten. All-time track performances at the Tokyo 2020 games, alchemy in your victory garden and a successful remote job interview can change this pandemic year in a heartbeat.

Blogging is psychological therapy with daily journaling. Who knows what this global pandemic impact may have on cognitive dissonance, and what does its transmission look like.

If you are working on potential remote work prospects, and this process involves interviews, what is your formula for landing proposals? Is there a formula for success that I am unaware of? What if your elevator pitch turns into a hot mess with the minimal opportunities to be in front of decision makers?

These seedlings were salvaged from food scraps, this is zero waste thinking

I took the time in my morning routine, to use the victory urban garden which was my savior during lockdown as a metaphor whilst updating my Resume. An alchemist that enjoys building innovation sustainably. I perused some content online and came across this conversation on LinkedIn. Having a granular approach works.

Eddiana Rosen speaks with Linda Gardner

By going through this process of updating Resume’s and Cover Letters for particular proposals, I found that there is too many skills or interests scattered in my portfolio. One of my influential friends who is in the business of recruiting reminded me that candidates that put ‘breadth’ across their CVs tend to shoot themselves in the foot. I would be the first to admit that it comes across as ‘vague’ as well as not keeping the targeted audience segmentation relevant throughout the interview process.

In the victory garden(pictured above), the simple natural lessons in life are that one must allow the process to flow, and it may be yourself getting in the way of the growth and abundance work in progress. The garden beds I have been tendering are a two year process, and nurturing this biological life is vital for seasonal growth. I had this sprout of a chili plant that has come up in an area that seems barren, it shows that amazing things may happen if your preparation was intentional. As much as this gardening hobby is soulful, it reminds me of my broadband knowledge in this interview process. This chili plant seeded because I was intentional to leave decent red chili’s behind on the adult tree, and trust the process that when the time comes for this pip to find itself suckered below with a mix of organic waste, regulated water and a climate which is ‘drought’ like. This reminded me of the energy that is required to catalyze the events of forming this seedling, and that this collection of seed is for the future crop rotation, constantly adding to this magic with homemade compost pays off in the long run.

The job proposals these days require demonstrated experience of hard and soft skills that are tangible much like the growth mindset in the garden. If it takes my laser focus and singular mindset to respond to this miracle of seed propagation, then it makes the intensity of closing the job interview that much more important. Do the extra work so that the employer sees the intention behind the effort, it is refreshing that the market is so competitive looking for specific types of work ethos, and it pays off taking the time to upskill whilst working remotely for the possible dream proposal that will utilize the ‘depth’ of my skillset rather than the ‘breadth’.

Having a Granular Approach Works!


An update on my self-published works, since the book launch in July, it was a great analysis of ‘how’ to get the project done. It is a case of moving forward, and organically marketing the piece, since resources for promotion were exhausted in the process of developing the eBook. Is the Kindle market down? It was an attempt to introduce subject matter to a non-sporting audience. Guess the priorities are not quite there looking to understand sports and the spiritual component in the precision of performance. With the eBook launch being a Segway to follow some marquee track events in the Tokyo Olympics, it maybe that enthusiasm for the triumph of spirit is non-essential in this great reset with a global pandemic.

With the last week of action from the delayed Summer Games, the performances on the track have managed to get most in the athletics world excited with the advent of world records and noteworthy individual efforts slamming the criticism for even thinking of the Postponing this destiny further.

The action from the week had multiple noteworthy performances, I must make mention of one that seems to be comparable to ‘one of the all-time greatest races of all-time’. I was further mesmerized by having the ‘GOAT’ Edwin Moses confirm that this race (400m Hurdles Men) superseded his domination back in the 80’s.

As 400-meter hurdles grab the Olympic spotlight in Tokyo, don’t forget Edwin Moses

OTB AM checked in with Cathal Dennehy who witnessed Karsten Warholm from Norway smashing the 400m hurdles World Record and winning gold in Tokyo

It is a great Kaley Kinin story, the Men and Womens 400m Hurdles show that professionalism is high within each caveat of the Track and Athletics spectacle. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and don’t forget to leave any comments or even helpful tips to add to the forum.

Inspiration for the rest of your week. Some weeks start on a Sunday, when does it begin for you?

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