The Week that Wasn’t…

I am super excited to have the option for my articles to be published in audio podcast. It is the Study of Human Moves, it was the first week of July, how is your 2021 turning out? (I am definitely not the countdown type!)

Learning something everyday is necessary for my ‘One Thing’. Dabbling with some GitHub learning content was a start, however the LinkedIN learning algorithm sends my profile free courses that are available for a 24 hour period.

The need for Creativity in your Business-by Seth Godin

The main take-away was that for most of my career I was results orientated.

It is okay to feel overwhelmed and sometimes it’s okay to head down a path that leads to a learning opportunity.

The WordPress environment has also been a deep learning path, to which I have considered work options with Automattic (Parent company of WordPress).

On the the strike of midnight, the kindle and hard copy version of my first self-published book went on sale.

Brianna McNeal and other athletes were handed an Olympic heartbreak!

Not only is my favorite Kaley Kinin archetype not heading to the Tokyo Olympics, her lost appeal with the CAS, has lead to a five year ban.

Sha’Carri Richardson the top finisher in the 100m trials received a months ban that ruins her individual chances of a medal, yet the ability to compete in the relay lies outside of the offense for testing positive for a recreational drug.

It goes to show that the whereabouts laws to which these athletes comply as well as the pressures to perform in a Covid 19 bubble, opens up the Tokyo Medal chances for alternates!

Two more bans in the track and field involve two Namibian athletes that did not meet the prescribed testosterone criteria outlined in the new guidelines of the World Athletics governing body.

This all sounds like my self published book playing IRL in the build up to a postponed games, and who knows the news that is yet to come.

On the financial front, I have had no big pipeline of business to consider, and this may be the case for many serial entrepreneurs like myself.

In my line of business, I have made INCOME, the most prioritized lever for transformation change, yet just like the Seth Godin advice, I am probably not considering the hard questions that will solve many peoples problems presently.

I only in the last week, have launched a digital asset that will produce commissionable sales. I added a donation button to fast rack the crowdfunding required for a responsive website. I have not started with the option of selling more items online, but this will be imminent considering that I have weekly cash ups that require scrutiny, and every business requires thus accountability.

It is hard to also consider the transaction of investors that will conditionally hold equity in your designed engine for possibility. I guess, I am deep into this endeavor, and require the necessary step to great!How is your business? And what corona proof strategies does your enterprise face on a weekly basis?

My UpWork Connects is a mere 10 new renewables a month, and it’s a hard task to rank on this freelance site to guarantee long term work, but do I even use those positive reviews in my other profiles? Landing better paid jobs is an art, and I could do better linking my portfolio to make the job market more open to collaborate!

On a health front, my victory garden is looking good. I need this simple affirmation daily, as I have never felt this disconnected even though my social media would not correlate with this morning routine. The Gardening and the Circular economy may be also an injection of angel investing, however I don’t have any volume to offer instead the instructions to lead a sustainable garden in your backyard!

Health, Soul, Skill, and Mind Set all covered in this podcast, a tip of the hat to Robin Sharma and his 5am club, may this week whether it start on a weekend, lead to a cascade of change transformation that benefits you and your future self!

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