Adam Greentree on Joe Rogan Experience

This podcast is available on the spreaker, iPhone app, and Youtube.

A wealth of information by connecting with nature

Episode #1224- Adam Greentree

It is something worthwhile. Listening to this Australian, you only root for the individuals striving for their passion with big dreams.

His passion is bowhunting and filming documentaries to survive in the bush. He has a range of topics from his travels to the most diverse of American Rockies to the Nevada Desert.

He was raised by aboriginal tribe back in Western Australia (100 miles from any neighbour!) His knack for bush photography and wilderness filming detail encounters with wild boars, black bears, as well as some of the collateral beauty when commissioned to cull eco-systems on isolated islands with over-population of gazelle roaming.

Enjoy the stories and the nature connection in his quests. He starts off the podcast with his family travelling in the States for the next five months, and the DisneyWorld experience (Walt Disney spewed in my mouth!).

His encounter with Mountain Lion, and the comparison of being ended by either a crocodile at a watering hole vs. a grizzlie. “Those bears will play with you like he does his staple salmon supply, and that could be a long painful death,” Adam remarked.

The Wolves Packs are super intelligent. The Wild has a code, and the developed technological world is another predator, to which there is constant hunting in analogous terms.

Joshua Tree Air Traffic, Haptic feedback in AI with Scarlett Johannssen, Meteors camping out are all part of random flow of two conversationalists both appreciating the serenity of silence, but the depend on the social media following to fund their endeavours.

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